Our Initiatives

Each of our initiatives focus on addressing community concerns around three key purposes:  

         1. Environmental Development

         2. Community Development

         3. Economic Development

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The Hlub Hmong Center (HHC) was founded in 2010 to ensure the survival, well-being, and prosperity of the Hmong people and their rich cultural heritage through education, research, advocacy, and entrepreneurialism.

HHC is a nonprofit, grassroots, community driven, and advocacy organization based in Merced, CA focused on change between public institutions and Hmong culture. HHC started as a volunteer- based, intergenerational coalition and has since brought attention to health disparities in the Hmong community by conducting focus groups, providing culturally competent workshops, conducting community outreach, and building community partnerships.

Currently, HHC’s three areas of focus are: 

  1. Early Education 

  2. Assessment and Intervention

  3. Civic Engagement

18th Street 

People's Garden

The 18th Street People's Garden, founded in 2018, is a community garden in downtown Merced led and maintained by local people of all ages and abilities. Through the work of passionate volunteers, the People's Garden provides free produce to the community. 

The People's Garden is a place for enjoying and growing a sense of community.

Project Grow a Food Sustainability Partnership for Merced County that formed out of the People’s Garden in December 2018. This partnership created a community and home gardening program that many families used to improve their children's nutrition. Through Project Grow and the 18th Street People's Garden, initiatives such as the People's Promise and FaN Hubs were born.

Project Grow continues to work to help low-income families improve their children's nutrition.

Born by the 18th Street People's Garden and Project Grow in Merced, CA in February 2021, the People's Promise is that every day, every child in our neighborhood is fed nutritious food and great learning activities.

The Pop Up People's Pantry located at the 18th Street People's Garden was launched in April 2020 to reduce the burden on food security in our neighborhood and others nearby caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We partnered with UC Merced's Bobcat Eats program to organize donations of fruits, vegetables, and dry goods from the Farmer's Market, local flea markets, local stores, local yards and farms, and food programs (e.g., the Food Bank and United Methodist Church). We "popped-up" with two tables of food in 2020. A year later, the pantry has been open every Saturday (minus two days), served over 2,000 people (with 400 "regulars"), and fills six tables with fresh fruits and vegetables each weekend. 

The People's Fridge, founded in 2020, is a partnership between the 18th Street People’s Garden and the UC Merced Bobcat Eats Food Waste Awareness and Prevention Program that provides fresh produce to the community

The People's Fridge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is located at 936 W 18th Street in Merced, CA.

FaN Hubs

The Family and Nutrition Hub (FaN Hub) in Merced County was created to assist Family Childcare Providers, from our community, to become a place where the children in their care, their families, and their neighbors can find healthy food and resources.

As part of our FaN Hub initiative, we partner with local child care providers throughout Merced County including in the cities of Merced, Atwater, and Winton.

Merced Child Care Providers

Ramos Alberta y Raul Family Childcare
By Alberta Ramos
(209) 201-6883
1661 Fir Ave, Atwater, Ca 95301

Donna's Family Daycare
By Donna Marquez
(209) 205-0812
2864 Oleander Ave, Merced, Ca 95340

Sweetie Pie Day Care
By Gabriela Chávez Mercado
1211 H Street, Merced, Ca 95341

Angel's Nest Day Care
By Gilda Green
(209) 631-6400
1125 Mazatlán Plav Ct, Merced, Ca 95348

Family Velasquez Daycare
By Guadalupe Velasquez
(209) 631-2715
1021 W Childs Ave, Merced, Ca 95341

Isabel Family ChildCare
By Isabel Marquez
(209) 658-2469
1120 Hansen Ave, Merced, Ca 95340

Jocelyn Arambula Family Day Care
By Jocelyn Arambula
(209) 947-5570
1134 Monticello Ct, Merced, Ca 95341

Kelly's Infant Newborn & Children
By Kellie Booth
(209) 756-0682
1005 Emory Way, Merced, CA 95341

Laura's Daycare
By Laura P. Linares
(408) 551-9444
3041 Bodie St, Merced, Ca 95341

Leticia's Family Day Care
By Leticia Alvarez
(209) 261-2278
1945 Rogina Ave, Merced, Ca 95341

Arambula Leticia Family Daycare
By Leticia Arambula
(209) 947-4219
2475 Myrtle Ave, Merced, Ca 95340

Lourdes Velasquez Daycare
By Lourdes Velasquez
(209) 386-2927
2900 Oleander Ave, Merced, Ca 95340

Rodriguez Child Care
By Maria D Rodriguez
(209) 777-3274
1125 Neva Ct, Merced, CA 95341

Maria Gonzales
(209) 617-5413
589 Margaret Ct, Merced, Ca 95341

Maria Villanueva Family Daycare
By Maria Villanueva
(209) 445-8848
2139 E 27th St, Merced, Ca 95340

Maria's Daycare
By Maria Gama
(209) 261-3370
1665 Ellen Ave, Merced, Ca 95341

Maria Family Child Care
By Maria Sanchez De Jimenez
(209) 631-3024
2559 E Gerard Ave, Merced, Ca 95341

Martha Carrillo Family Child Care
By Martha Carrillo
(831) 537-6751
575 Margaret Ct, Merced, Ca 95341

Mercedes Family Day Care
By Mercedes Rodriguez
(209) 947-7749
529 Q Street, Merced, Ca 95341

Mrs. Sue's Daycare
By Mrs. Sue
(209) 723-6838
2499 Gerard Ave, Merced, Ca 95341

Monticello Day Care
By Nina Boyer
(831) 444-5425
1063 Monticello Ct, Merced, Ca 95341

Atwater Child Care Providers

Chávez Day Care
By Elia Chávez
(209) 617-1955
1894 Brentwood Ct, Atwater, Ca 95301

Herminia Kirk's Family Daycare
By Herminia Kirk
(209) 455-0706
574 Martha Ct, Atwater, Ca 95301

Winton Child Care Providers

Maria Elena Flores Veloz
(209) 631-9127
6716 Hastings Dr, Winton, Ca 95388

Inacio Day Care
By María S Inacio
(209) 201-9916
6975 Arlene Dr, Winton, Ca 95388